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September 18 2013


Top 5 Facebook Games

 Top 5 facebook games for me. You mirin'?

Are you bored of only using Facebook to chat with friends and keep tabs on them? Did you know that there are a host of different games which you can play on Facebook? And the best part is they are all free. So, without further ado, here is a list of the 5 most popular games currently on Facebook: 

1. Dragon city 

The first thing I noticed about Dragon city was that it's quite like Pokémon. I mean, you visit magical islands where you have to breed dragons. But this game isn't just about breeding, you get to challenge your friends where you dragon fights one of your friends dragons. Sound familiar? The game has more than 10 million players on Facebook alone and is clearly one of the most addictive games around today. You can keep improving on your dragons by breeding them and there are even some rare and extremely powerful dragons for you to unlock. There are even dragon tournaments and a player league which you can join. 

2. Candy Crush Saga 

This is a game which can be quite entertaining sometimes and seriously annoying at others. It is quite like bejeweled except that you are playing with candies instead of jewels. You have a set number of moves and have to score a minimum number of points within those moves to progress to the next level. The game can be quite challenging at times but allows you enough time to think before making each move. There are many bonuses and special candies on the board and I for one found the all the candies to look particularly yummy. Never play this game on an empty stomach. 

3. Facebook Poker 

This is, without a doubt, the most popular game released by Zynga on Facebook. The game uses Texas Hold ‘Em rules and allows you to play against your friends or even other unknown players. It is a sort of virtual casino where you have virtual facebook poker chips to use. You need to look at your hand; the cards played out in the center of the table by the dealer and place your bets accordingly. With this game, you basically get to enjoy the thrill of gambling without having to worry about losing all your precious, hard earned money. 

4. Criminal Case 

This game gives you an opportunity to become a detective, quite like the famous Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately, the game only tests your eyesight and has little use for any deductive reasoning powers you may possess. You have to be quick with the mouse if you want to succeed in this game. You will basically be taken to various crime scenes where you have to find clues amongst other things. There are even some autopsies you get to look into with your forensic kit. Nothing gory to worry about though. 

5. Zoo World 

As the title might suggest, this game has you managing a zoo. The aim? To make your zoo the best in the world. You need to acquire animals for a zoo and can even breed them. You are also allowed to rescue endangered species and help increase their numbers through breeding. There are hundreds of animals in the game and you will certainly spend many hours enjoying yourself with this game.

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The ’50s were fucked up man.

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